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Can you hear me? I am screamin' from the top of the world! (Tokio Hotel- Screamin')

This world is make me sick. Everything is so fucked up. EVERYTHING!

I am such a sad girl with big dream. What's the dream? I want to be like I want to be. I want to be myself. But I can't.

Sometimes I feel, that I have to kill. But not the other people, but only me and myself. I want to be dead. I don't need to be on this fuckin' world.

When my mother start to scream at me... I just feel like shadow with no feeling to other things or people. Just like walking shadow.

Yeah, there are some nice days, that I put on my hearted smile. But it's not that often like my tears.

Everyday! Every fuckin' day in my life! My tears are falling down my face and everything at home leaves me sad. Just fuckin' day is not without tears on my face.

I just really want to be dead.

Sometimes, I must cut my arms. Yeah, I cut myself and now Ya' know what? I don't care. I like that pain. When I cut... Everything pain, that I have in my heart, come out and again... For some time I can fake smile.

Yeah... I love that pain, but not that pain I have in my heart. This pain just destroys me. Pain in my heart destroys me.

I had boyfriend who was the same like I do. For someone, who still don't understand: We are... Was Pathetic emo freaks.

He was cute and I really Liked him. But he cut himself for one time deeper, than like he do... And he died.

That day... I was in tears again. He just died and leave me there.

Everything goes down and now? I don't know what to do. I want to, but I don't know how and at first what.

It's sad, but it's true. But hey! I am pathetic emo freak and no one cares about me. I know it... You musn't say it twice.

I say it once
I say it twice
I say it a thousand fuckin' times

That I'm okay
That I'm fine
That it's all just in my mind

Yeah, I know. This is true, but who cares. No one.

I just screamin' on the top of the world. I just want to know, taht Can you hear me?

I shout your name, I want to be happy, so please... Don't do it again. Don't call me names, don't beat me up and please... Don't say, that I am pathetic emo freak.

I want one thing, now. I want to fong my freedom. I want to be free. I want to live my dream and not yours.


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